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May 28 2015


Life is a flower

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Open the window, a wisp of light fragrance greets the nostrils, may, flower fragrance of the season, this season I was like, like white pagoda Susu, a string of string pressure in the branches, without a trace of dust. Like the subtle taste, in the subtle taste slowly precipitation memory, let the gain and loss, joy and sorrow, love and hate, faint as used in a scenery of the depths of the heart, careful to taste, have become a smile indifferently.
Gently hold a ray of sunshine, the sunshine state of mind, Thanksgiving life give us all, don't complain. Don't pester, not decadent, enjoy the usual warmth, contentment, frank and true.
Quiet life, to live ordinary lives, tarried indifferent years, even with the family together to eat a meal, do look at their own meals are relatives to eat with relish, that is also a kind of happiness. Life is not this trivial and warm Mody, the requirements of a lot of, get very little, is a loss. And the request is not much, but a lot of it is a happiness. We don't have to demand anything, the heart is simple, the world will become simple. The more people desire, the more complex the heart is, and the more trouble it will be.. The bustling world fireworks, we do a good job of themselves, remember others well, to do a quiet person, in the complex and grateful to live, is a kind of happiness.
I am not afraid of being betrayed, because I prefer the feeling alive ". Alive nice, can hear the chirping of the birds in the morning the first sound of crisp, can see the children those otherwise Xianchen innocent eyes, can love, can look forward to, we still have the future. Alive, do not live up to the time when gifts and our good!
The color of life, such as dark or light green, natural, simple and warm. The beauty of life is not in its splendor, but in its peace. The hustle and bustle of the world, every day we are in the busy, rushing forward, colorful world often let us forget to stop, to take a serious look at life in depth.
And quiet, in our seems to become a bit extravagant, quiet, is a elegant temperament, a simple feelings. Longing for "a winding path leading to a secluded spot, Buddhist temple garden is deep" the peaceful and profound, thinking in a quiet small courtyard, under a tree in bloom, a cup of tea, reading your favorite book, to express a few words of deep love, to listen to the flowers of the voice. At the moment, time is quiet, life is flat..
A flower, from the time gap Zongchuan over, when we had not been aware of, has us lonely youth swaying to fall into a red mud, almost forgot time away, that is only Hongyan Tanzhi Lao will show different results and the fate of the decidedly. A piece of chlorophyll, trance spread into the sea, time away, no longer young, a corner see disappeared, a tenacious force is in the depths of the earth potential stretch, looking for the foundation of the eternity of life, waiting for next season reincarnation.

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